Best first blog post

What is the best thing to say in your first blog post?

You should start off your blog as you mean to go on. In other words you need to make sure it has a title that will get the attention of your target audience and content that will provide them with something that is both informative and useful. It can also serve as an introduction to your blog if your blog posts are designed to be read sequentially as would be the case for a blog about a journey for example.

If you think of your first blog post in this way you won’t have too much difficulty working out what to say. But there are also some things to avoid.

For example, using a title that has already been used by a million and one other people will give your blog little chance of being noticed in the blogosphere so don’t use “Hello World!” or “My first blog post”. However, and this is a common dilemma for online marketers, you also want to use keywords that are searched for by a large number of people. In the ideal world you would use a relevant keyword or phrase as your blog post title that is both widely searched for and not used by anyone else.

If you do this you will get lots of traffic.