Coolest Daddy On The Planet

It’s William Charlwood.

Years ago if you searched Google for “coolest daddy on the planet” you got my website ranked number 1. That was, you’ll have to admit, a little cool. It impressed my children anyway.

I’ve taken down the website that had the landing page on it but recently I was discussing how I persuaded Google that I should rank number one for coolest daddy on the planet and, whilst SEO has moved on a lot since when I was officially the coolest dad, I thought I’d give it another go.

Of course there’s lots of competition, both in terms of websites and Dads! But the coolest Dad on the planet doesn’t give up easily. Giving up wouldn’t be cool at all.

So was I the best Daddy or did you have to search hard?

One thing you need to think about when trying to get your site to rank well on the search engines is whether to target really competitive phrases or to go after more subtle, perhaps slightly less competitive keywords. Less competitive keywords generally are easier to rank well for but generate fewer searches. Note that I decided to focus here on being the coolest “Daddy” rather than “Dad” because Daddy is less frequently used than Dad.

From a commercial perspective it is sometimes the less competitive keywords that are the most valuable. To illustrate suppose you sell web hosting. Would you rather get traffic from people searching for “web hosting” or people searching for “buy web hosting”?