Deeplink Juggernaut – Initial results

Deeplink Juggernaut is a useful WordPress Plug-In that trawls through your blog content and replaces words and phrases with links to other pages on your site – automatically. This is a tremendous time saver and delivers two immediate benefits:

  1. You get better SEO results
  2. You get more page views per visitor

You get better SEO results because internal links – those links from one page on a specific domain name to other pages on the same domain name – help get your pages ranked and make it more likely that your pages will get indexed.

You get more page views per visitor because it is likely that readers will click links to other pages provided they sound interesting or useful.

But the time-saving aspect of Deeplink Juggernaut is huge. Imagine having to scan through all the content of a large WordPress site and set up individual links on every page to other relevant pages. It would take ages and be very prone to errors.  With Deeplink Juggernaut, all you have to do is tell the Plug-In what keywords or phrases you want replaced with links to each specific page and the job is done.

For example, on this site, most of the definitions in the Internet Marketing Dictionary have been set up so that references to those terms link directly to the pages defining those terms.  Of course you can go overboard with this approach and stuff your pages with hundreds of internal links but that makes it difficult for the reader so one of the key settings within your Deeplink Juggernaut Plug-in is the maximum number of links you want on a page. If you set that at, say, 5, then you will only get 5 links to other pages on each of your pages or fewer.  Of course you can add additional links too if there is one specific page you want to reference when you have probably already used up your default number of links. For example, on this page I might want to link to the Internet Marketing Dictionary here even though there are already 5 Deeplink Juggernaut links in the text prior to this point.