AdWords Management

What is AdWords Management? (NB AdWords has been rebranded as Google Ads)

AdWords Management is the process of optimising an AdWords campaign to deliver the best commercial results. It is often mistaken to be the process of getting the highest number of conversions from an AdWords account or even getting the greatest amount of traffic within a given budget. Neither of these objectives recognise the true purpose of advertising which is to generate income and profits.

Apart from a failure to understand the complexities of the AdWords system itself, most AdWords Management businesses pay too much attention to the numbers and settings in the AdWords control panel and not enough attention to what the business owner wants: the highest number of profitable sales available. Many business owners also tend to look at the wrong numbers and focus on Return on Investment rather than maximising profitability.

So true AdWords Management requires not only detailed in-depth knowledge and understanding of how the AdWords control panel works and how to write good ad copy, research keywords and markets etc. it also requires a solid understanding of how businesses work, why profit margins matter and why it is important to know the approximate lifetime value of a new customer.