AdSense Arbitrage

What is AdSense Arbitrage?

AdSense Arbitrage is a money-making technique in which an AdSense publisher buys traffic using Pay Per Click advertising systems like Google’s AdWords, and then monetizes that traffic with AdSense so as to make profit on the process.

For example, suppose you can buy traffic for 5 cents a visitor and reliably make 10 cents from AdSense per visitor on average, then it would pay to buy as much traffic as you could and pocket 5 cents profit each time.

AdSense arbitrage can be quite successful but you need to be prepared to test and measure outcomes with a strong degree of discipline because it is easy to end up losing money.  It’s also a technique that Google doesn’t appove of because in the worst cases, it simply wastes people’s time and so reflects poorly on Google’s search results: if you do a search and click on a link that takes you to a website that is essentially designed simply to get you to click on another ad, then as a web user your experience is not that brilliant.

There are two methods you can employ to boost the likelihood of profitablity by boosting your visitor value. First you can use internet marketing techniques to increase the number of times a visitor returns to your site because you don’t have to get into profit on the first visit if you can get people to come back time and time again. This in fact would be a classic use of an autoresponder. In this sense, you are treating AdSense more like a business because many businesses lose money during the customer acquisition process because they know that they will get repeat business later on that will more than repay the customer acquisition costs.

The second technique is to walk your traffic to value. In other words, buy traffic that is cheap and then educate it to be interested in topics that attract higher paying AdSense ads.

If you combine both techniques AdSense arbitrage becomes quite achievable.