Article Marketing meaning

What is Article Marketing?

Article marketing is the process of using articles to drive traffic to your site and to get links to your site to help with search engine optimisation.

You can use articles to generate web traffic by including a reference to your website in your articles and then getting these articles published on other people’s sites. If these references are active clickable links, then, because search engines use the number of links coming in to a site as a method of determining its merit, each time your article gets published on someone else’s you’ll get an additional link back to your site. That is good for your search engine ranking and so helps generate extra traffic as your web site appears more often in search results.

The second way that articles increase your traffic is simply by being informative. A well written article that provides good quality information may encourage the reader to visit the author’s site to see what else he or she has to say. Provided the web address is included in the article, it will be easy for the reader to pay a visit.

The third way that articles can be used for marketing purposes is simply to keep traffic on your site. If you provide good quality content on your site that is readible, understandable, clearly written & laid out and informative, you’ll find that visitors tend to stay. This matters because many sites rely on revenues generated by advertising and the more people stay on a site, the more likely they are to see and react to ads.

Because of the value that articles can generate for the author in terms of traffic, it is much more common on the internet for people to give away articles freely in return for links to their site than to demand payment for the right to publish. In fact article directory sites are now extremely popular. These directory sites make it easy for authors to offer articles for publication and for web site owners to get content to include on their own sites.

Article Marketing Resources

If you find the process of writing articles tricky, take a look as this low cost guide to writing articles. Called “You CAN Write Articles” it’s by Martin Avis who I know personally. Martin’s been article marketing for many years and has the process down to a fine art. His book sets out how to go about writing articles for the internet and shows you how you can do it quickly and easily.

You CAN Write Articles