What is an eCover?

An eCover is an image or set of images or graphics that are designed to look like a physical book, a physical CD or DVD case or a physical report. They are used to add impact to the sales pages of downloadable information products.

A good eCover can increase the conversion rate of a sales page because it helps give the impression that the product is more substantial. This situation applies even though in nearly all cases the purchaser knows in advance that they are buying a download.

Many eCovers, like the example shown also use reflection to add reality to the image. In this case the eCover really does look like a solid physical book standing on a shiny surface.

eCovers can be bought online from a wide range of graphic designers or you can buy software that will let you generate your own eCovers easily.

A good eCover can also help generate an online brand. For example, if you publish a range of information products it can make sense to build up a range of similar eCovers so that readers start to recognise the format. If they buy one or your products and like what they get, they will then be more inclined to buy from you again and the consistent eCover design will help them to recognize your authorship.

For many sales pages several different sizes of eCovers are sometimes needed and it can pay to include a copy of an eCover graphic on the order processing page and on the download page itself to reduce.