What is Evernote?

Evernote is an online cloud based system that lets you store unformatted “stuff” in a highly retrievable and usable fashion. Stuff can be anything from text, images, audios, clippings from web pages, in short most of the stuff that we use and need on a daily basis.

I use Evernote at the moment to create notes on my iPhone using the iPhone Evernote App.  Evernote then automatically synchronises these with the Desktop version of Evernote that I run on my PC. What this means is that if I think of something I wish to remember and act upon later, I can just enter it into my iPhone as a text note or a voice recording. I then know that it will show up on my Desktop when I am next in my office.

There are some useful add-ons to Evernote too. For example, I use a scanning application called “Genius Scan” too. This lets me use my iPhone to take pictures of documents so that they are transmitted automatically to my Evernote account.

In terms of ease of use, one of the things I most like about Evernote is that you don’t have to tidy everything up because most things are searchable as they are. You can create Folders within your Evernote account if you wish to group notes but you don’t have to.

Specific ways I use Evernote:

  • Create an updateable To Do list
  • Storing Client information
  • Keeping lists of stuff related to Work
  • Keeping lists of stuff related to Home
  • Storing images of important invoices and contracts
  • Recording all the administration information about the domain names I own
  • Storing telephone notes about new sales prospects
  • Storing notes about AdWords Management work I do for my clients

I now find that in conjunction with a well organised Gmail account and reasonably intensive use of Google Docs, I can run most aspects of my business from any global location.