Exit Survey

What is an Exit Survey?

Exit Surveys are survey tools that ask people leaving your site why they left. Whilst the majority of visitors to your website will leave and not tell you why they have left, a reasonable proportion can sometimes be persuaded to do so, especially if you offer them a bonus for their opinion.

The information you get from an exit survey can tell you a great deal about why people are not reacting to your site with your Most Wanted Response.

If only 4% of your site’s visitors tell you why they didn’t sign up to your list or why they didn’t buy, that can generate a great deal of very valuable information.

The quality of the information you get will depend on the type of traffic your site attracts and if you offer a bonus to people who give you information it may be less useful because people will just tell you anything to get the bonus.

One issue that exit surveys can help tackle is to reduce the bounce rate of your site. For example, if 99% of people landing on your site just go away again without doing anything of value to you, you only need to reduce that figure by 1% to double the profitability of your site. The data you get from an exit survey can help you achieve that.

There are various marketing tools available to help you run exit surveys and the value of data you get from them can be immense.  One system involves using Google Docs to record responses to surveys automatically into spreadsheets. Other paid for services include Survey Monkey which you can search for online.

NB When you leave this page you will see an automated Exit Survey in action. It won’t ask you to fill out any questions but it will ask you if you are interested in other topics.

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