Hyper Local Advertising

What is Hyper Local Advertising?

Hyper Local Advertising is online advertising that promotes neighbourhood businesses. There are a growing number of entrants into this market in terms of advertisers, website publishers and hyper local advertising networks that link businesses and websites together. At the moment, most hyper local advertising is done on a revenue share basis with the networks sharing the advertising revenue with the website owners. For example, in the UK Addiply provides a service to link advertisers to websites and takes a share of the revenues.

In the USA, OneRoof Media focuses on providing internet cafes with simple systems for delivering hyper local ads to people who use cyber cafes. Its CyberCafePro system brings in additional revenues to cyber cafe operators.

Business owners benefit from hyper local advertising because, other things being equal, people tend to buy from local businesses, especially if proximity means convenience. Someone checking their emails in an Internet Cafe is potentially going to be quite interested in an ad from a local bar or restaurant, particularly around mealtimes and if a discount coupon or code is supplied which means they are likely to click on the ad and hence earn revenues for the cyber cafe AND go to the bar or restaurant and buy a meal.

Hyper Local Advertising and GPS

A growing number of mobile devices like the iPhone have an in-built GPS location system and a lot of hyper local advertising development is now focused on using location data to tailor the delivery of ads to mobile browsers. Clever use of this technology now enables ads to display how far you are from the advertiser’s business too.

Current suppliers of Hyper Local Advertising services and solutions.

  1. Navteq Media Solutions – LocationPoint
  2. OneRoof Media
  3. Addiply
  4. MAdvertise
  5. Rel8tion – acquired by Facebook
  6. Google – via Google Offers and Hyper Local Mobile Ads