Information Products

What are Information Products

Information products are products that can usually be delivered over the internet and which essentially provide information about a topic that is of sufficient interest to get people to pay money for the information.

For some people, this whole concept is strange but if I told you there was a guaranteed way to make money online automatically that didn’t involve any investment and that anyone could start in 2 hours wouldn’t you be a bit interested? And if I provided you with proof that this system worked and explained how it worked too, would you consider parting with $10 to get a detailed blueprint that showed you in 8 steps exactly how to do it?

Clearly the answer would depend on how much you believed in the product but there are ways of building sufficient trust online that get people to spend money on information products.

For example, good testimonials, a well written sales page that demonstrates that the author of the product knows what he or she is talking about and a money back guarantee all help.

The market for information products is huge and even before the internet it was huge too. What, afterall, are newspapers? Sure, they entertain as much as inform but they are in essence information products. In fact a good way of defining an information product is one where someone is prepared to pay more for the content of a product than the way it is provided.

Music is a good example too: the cost of a CD or DVD is tiny, a few cents. But people will pay many dollars for a CD or DVD because it contains information that can be exploited in some way to deliver music or a video which has a value.

On the internet many information products are delivered as pdfs and eCovers are used to help make the product seem more substantial.

The internet is an ideal medium for selling Information products because it can be used both to advertise the product and to deliver it, all 100% automatically. The delivery is effected typically by transmitting a pdf of the information once someone has made a payment using a service like Clickbank. From a commercial perspective information products are attractive too because once developed, and this process does take time and knowledge, the cost of production is as near zero as you can get: the cost of delivering a copy of a pdf is effectively zero and so profit margins are huge. However, don’t under-estimate the time it takes to put a good information product together. You need a skill to write about that is of value and you need to be able to write in a style that is clear and readily understandable.

Example information product