What is Kunaki?

Kunaki is a service that lets you sell information products as CDs or DVDs easily without having to invest in any production machinery or distribution arrangements.
The service is an ideal “turn-key” system for physical information product production and lets information product marketers create new revenue streams easily and quickly.

The easiest way to understand how Kunaki works is to walk through a hypothetical Case Study.

Suppose you have created an information product that consists of an ebook in pdf format. You decide to sell the Private Label Rights to this ebook to internet marketers. To do this you really need to include the original Word document you used to create the book in order to allow your purchasers to edit the text and re-brand it as their own. You could provide all these files as downloads but you could also decide to distribute them as a CD.

If you do it all on a CD you would simply upload the Word doc and the PDF to Kunaki. You would also upload any graphics you wanted to add to the CD case (often called a “jewel case”). Once that is done you can advertise your CD and when someone wanted to buy it they would order directly from Kunaki.

On receipt of the order, Kunaki would produce a single copy of the CD, put it in the case together with the correct graphics and shrink wrap it. They would then dispatch the product and send you the money less the production and shipping costs.