Lead Generation

What is Lead Generation?

Lead generation is the online marketing process of delivering the contact details of potential buyers to a business so that the sales team can get in touch with them and close sales. It is different from straightforward online sales generation where traffic is delivered to a website with the intention of getting it to make an online purchase there and then.

Key to successful lead generation is getting the right sort of visitor to come to the site in the first place. For example, people looking to buy microwave ovens are unlikely to make good buyers of pension plans. For a lead generation system to work well you need to get people to visit your site who are both interested in your products or services AND have the ability to pay for them. These people have what is known as commercial intent. They are not time-wasters. They are potential customers.

Getting the right people to come to your site can be achieved via email marketing, natural search engine optimisation or via pay per click advertising methods as well as via offline promotional techniques. Once they are on your site you need to convert these visitors into enquirers by using effective copy writing techniques.

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