Master Resale Rights

What are Master Resale Rights?

Master Resale Rights are the rights to sell a product at whatever price you like as if you were the developer or author of the product yourself. Furthermore they give you the right to sell Resale Rights.

Resale Rights let you sell as product as if you own it or developed it. So if you have resale rights you can essentially treat the product as your own except that you can’t additionally sell to other people the right to treat a product as their own. You can only do this if you have Master Resale Rights.

With Master Resale Rights you can usually set the price for the product (but not always: it will depend on the exact details of the rights you own). You can also usually set the price for the Resale Rights but this again depends on the exact details of the rights concerned.

This freedom to price and promote as you see fit gives you a huge opportunity because not only can you sell the product and pocket all the money, or give it away as a bonus to facilitate additional sales of other products you might be promoting, but you can also sell the Resale Rights themselves.

This can all sound a bit confusing. So let’s take it step by step.

Resale Rights

If you have Resale Rights, you can sell a product and keep all the money. So it’s better than being an affiliate for a product.

You actually get to keep ALL the money with Resale Rights. Therefore, having Resale Rights gives you access to a more profitable income stream than a conventional affiliate arrangement. Specifically, if you have a choice between making 50% as an affiliate or making 100% as a resales rights owner, you will make twice as much money from the resale rights for the same overall level of sales.

In general of course the more value you can add to your sales proposal, the better the deal is for your customers which is why offering Master Resale Rights is an even better deal.

Master Resale Rights

If a product comes with Master Resale Rights this allows you to sell the Resale Rights alongside the product. As such, it is a very significant upgrade because these rights not only give you the right to keep all the money, they also make it much easier for you to sell the product in the first place.


Because you can offer, as part of your promotional package, Resale Rights as well which, as we’ve seen in the previous section above, makes the deal more attractive: they can be worth double or more the basic product price per sale AND you can sell the product many times over to recoup your original investment many times over.

Therefore, if you are offering a product with Resale Rights it is intrinsically worth a great deal more to the buyer because they are getting the product itself AND a business opportunity thrown in at the same time.

Better still, if you get offered Master Resale Rights you are also entitled to resell any combination of the following:-

  1. The product – and keep 100% of the profit every time you sell it
  2. The product with resale rights – and keep 100% of the profit every time you sell it AND have a much more compelling sales message
  3. The product with master resale rights – and keep 100% of the profit and have a very compelling offer because your customer is buying an easy business opportunity.

So what else should you look for when assessing an opportunity to acquire Master Resale Rights to a product?

It certainly helps to have a sales system built in and specifically a ready-made web sales page which you can edit as you see fit. If you can get this AND a good underlying product AND obtain the whole thing in such a format that you could set up your own sales page fast, then all that really matters is whether the product is a good fit for your customer base.

Even if it isn’t, you can always market it by posting articles on one of the many article sites on the internet.