Object Hyperlinking

Object hyperlinking is the process of linking physical objects to online resources. In a simple manifestation a QR Code on a product can take the scanner to a web page about the product.

This simple process allows the product owner to add significant value to the product. They can do this if they provide online information that is useful to product owners. Such information can include basic customer support information such as a downloadable or directly viewable manual.

A more commercial approach is to provide information about upgrades, consumables, spares and application data. Doing this makes it particularly easy for the owner to purchase further products directly from the manufacturer. Such an approach moves the customer from a relationship with the distribution channel they bought it from into a direct relationship with the manufacturer. It enables disintermediation which was a buzz word in the early days of the internet.

Enabling the manufacturer to “own” the customer relationship is a significant benefit from the manufacturer’s point of view. There are other significant marketing benefits to.

First of all, by providing top quality support online, you add value to the product. If your competitors are not doing this, you are at an advantage. Get it right and you can charge a premium for your product because it will simply be better than the others.

A second advantage of this approach is to consider what happens at the point of sale. Object hyperlinking a product on display to a web page gives you the ability to deliver a focused sales pitch. You will be delivering this pitch to the customer at the precise time they are thinking about buying your product. There is no better time to do this.

Object hyperlinking also sometimes goes by the name phylinking

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