What is PPC Advertising?

PPC, or Pay Per Click advertising is a type of advertising where the advertiser pays each time someone clicks on their ad and gets taken to their website.

The advantage of this type of advertising over other types such as Per Per Impression is that the advertiser only pays for the traffic they receive. If their ads do not attract the interest of potential customers the advertiser doesn’t pay anything. On the other hand, if the ad is very successful in attracting attention and getting clicks, the advertser will pay out more money but will at the same time benefit from the extra traffic.

The most successful Pay Per Click advertising system is Google’s AdWords system which generates billions of dollars of revenue for Google as well as hundreds of millions of dollars for AdSense publisher AdWords ads appear alongside Google’s search results.

Clicking a Pay Per Click ad takes the clicker to a Landing Page which is in many cases a special web page designed to convert as many visitors as possible into customers.

The way to make PPC advertising work best is to create advertising accounts that include a wide range of keywords and couple these with ads that are relevant to those keywords. You then need to create landing pages that are relevant to the ads so that customers doing a search see relevant ads and when they click on them they go to relevant landing pages.

Setting this up can take a lot of time but there are software tools available that can speed this process up dramatically, such as SpeedPPC.

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