Private Label Rights

What are Private Label Rights?

Private Label Rights are rights that apply to content that you have a right to use, publish and sell as if you were the author. You also have the right to modify the content to make it unique.

Webmasters used PLR content to increase the size of their online presence in order to attract more search engine traffic. They also use PLR to make their websites and blogs content rich in order to keep visitors on their site for longer and reduce bounce rates.

The use of Private Label Rights is very similar to the way that newspapers use syndicated content from Press Agencies. In fact many PLR sites now exist to sell PLR content.

If you use PLR you need to be careful. First you need to check the quality of the content supplied. Some PLR content is very poor quality. Some is of a very high standard.

You also need to find out how many other webmasters are using the same content. The issue here is of duplicate content. If too many people publish the same content without making it unique there will be increased competition in the search engines. Additionally, there are theories that search engines penalise duplicate content. In other words, they treat duplicate content sites as being of lower quality than sites with original content.

For this reason many web publishers use software to turn articles into unique content by replacing words with synonyms. Other software is more sophisticated and re-writes complete phrases whilst maintaining the meaning of the content.

Good Private Label Rights content can enhance the quality of a site and is often available for very little money.