Resale Rights

What are Resale Rights

If you have Resale Rights to a product, you can sell the product and keep all the money. Note however that having resale rights is not as good as owning the product in the first place because resale rights sometimes come with restrictions. For example, you may have resale rights to a product but not have complete freedom to set the price at which you sell it: some people who sell resale rights to a product set a minimum price that you can resell for. This protects other owners of the resell rights from undercutting.

Another right that resell rights often don’t have is Master Resale Rights – these give you the right to sell resale rights! The final right that is usually excluded from resale rights are private label rights, or PLR.

If you sell a product as an affiliate you typically get to keep 50% of the sale price if it is an information product whereas purchasing resale rights gives you the right to 100% of the sales proceeds. This, in a nutshell, is why internet marketers like to own resale rights. Furthermore, whilst resale rights usually cost quite a bit more than the underlying product, the price charged is typically quite low when compared to the time and effort required to create your own product.

Many internet marketers own resale rights to products to sell alongside their own products. Indeed a classic internet marketing business model is to create a product and use it to build an emailing list and then to sell other products that they have acquired resale rights to to people on that list.

Internet marketers sell Resale Rights to their products for two reasons.

  1. They can make more money per sale
  2. They increase their market penetration and get their name around