What is a Testimonial?

Testimonials are statements made by other people and ideally by your customers that demonstrate satisfaction with your product. They need to be genuine because, apart from being unethical, if you use non- genuine testimonials it often looks obvious and can reduce your sales.

Good testimonials are very specific and can be very compelling if supported by an audio or even a video. By specific we mean including confirmation that a particular benefit of your product or service was delivered. So for example if you sell a product that saves electricity, statements from real customers saying that your product saved them $56 or 12.7% would make a good testimonials.

If you are new to Internet marketing it can seem very hard to get some testimonials and you’ll probably notice that the same people seem to provide testimonials for many different products.

One way to get started is to ask someone for a testimonial in return for a free copy of your product. But you need to take the initiative and send the product first. Furthermore choose your target sensibly. Someone who is very busy is unlikely to have the time or interest in reviewing your product and providing a testimonial. So start with someone who is likely to get something out of your product and then give them the opportunity to provide a testmonial after they have reviewed it.

There are advantages in providing testimonials too. You get to advertise your own website on someone else’s sales page and in some cases thiscan include an active link to your site too which is good for search engine optimisation.