The Coolest Man On Mars

Not content with being the coolest Daddy on the Planet, I thought it would be cooler still to be the coolest man on Mars. Not that I’ve actually been there yet.

So the coolest man on Mars is William Charlwood. It’s a fact.

Actually an interesting fact about Mars is that as far as we know, it is a planet occupied solely by robots. I think that if we hadn’t put the robots there ourselves we would be really very shocked to discover this fact. Luckily we did put them there – at least we think we put them all there.

Another thing I learnt today is the the Luna-1 spacecraft that was meant to land on the moon and was sent into space by Russia way back on 2nd January 1959 actually missed by about 6,000km. That sounds like a lot but if you have ever stopped to think about what you have to do to hit the moon – all the complex orbital dynamic equations you need to solve etc. and the instrumentation, controls, radionics etc. you need to get right, it’s not surprising that it went a bit AWOL as a first attempt.

So it’s now orbiting the sun and will do so for some time between the orbits of earth and Mars.