Waiting for cg-global.maxymiser.com…

Waiting for cg-global.maxymiser.com…

This seems to be a developing theme that I commented on about 2 years ago: website optimisation software that is slowing down the very websites they are supposed to be optimising. (See Optimised by Rubicon Project.)

The latest one, in what is a long catalogue of offenders, is called global maxymiser and it comes from maxymiser.com.

If you stop to consider what these services are meant to do it is ironic that they do the opposite. As a user, in this case of The Telegraph’s website, my experience has been severely and adversely impacted by the following message

“Waiting for cg-global.maxymiser.com…”

That message sits in the bottom left of my screen while I wait for the website to load. And I wait. And I wait.

It generally seems to be taking around 30 seconds to do anything.

So what global maxymiser seems to be very good at is maximising page load times!

There is a lesson here for all users of website optimisation tools: make sure any systems are able to deal speedily with levels of traffic the site is likely to get.